Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Busy writing, but not here

I've been on a bit of a break here, mostly for lack of time and also because of this little guy:

He's found a secret access point to my computer, so he loves to sneak up ninja-style and grab my mouse and keyboard while I'm trying to work. So if I have time and can get him away from this temptation, I spend all my time working and not so much blogging.

However, some things I have been writing for work at very applicable here. So instead of writing a new post, I'll share my most recent articles on ksl.com.


Break your diet? Don't feel bad

So you cheated on your diet. You caved in and had a second (or third) piece of birthday cake, got a super-sized combo meal, or dug out that chocolate bar you've been hiding in the back of the pantry. Now what?

Using the internet for exercise motivation

How do you merge the addictive power of the Internet with the unsurpassed benefits of an active lifestyle? Here are a few success stories of Utahns making it happen.


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